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Open balustrade – fixings through a waterproofing membrane

Glass balustrade – cracked

Stairs and steps are slippery when wet

  • Moss or dirt build-up on stairs 

    How to repair

  • A smooth tread surface (worn grooved decking timber or non-grooved decking timber used)

    How to repair

Stairs and steps – the treads flex when used

Veranda beams and posts – rusting of brackets/bolts

Veranda beams and posts – rusting of steel

Verandas – rusting on underside of exposed roofing

  • Lack of cleaning off of atmospheric particles that settle on the underside

    How to repair

Verandas – water stains on soffit lining

  • Rain blowing under the soffit/leaking roof above/overflowing gutters

    How to repair