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Rust stains on stucco

  • Hairline cracking in the stucco admitting moisture causing corrosion of the reinforcing mesh 

    How to repair

Impact damage to stucco

Stucco – drummy plaster

Stucco – sealant cracking at movement control joint

Stucco – random hairline cracking

Stucco – horizontal or diagonal surface cracking

Stucco – chalking paint

  • Weathering, UV light exposure – chalking will be more visible with darker colours

    How to repair

Stucco – fading paint

  • Weathering, UV light exposure – darker colours are more prone to fading

    How to repair

Stucco – coating failure

Stucco – too close to or in ground contact

Leaking through stucco

Straw bale construction – moisture entry in walls