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Timber trims – splitting or cupping

Timber trims – rotting battens or cover boards

Timber trims – chalking paint

  • Weathering, UV light exposure – chalking will be more visible with darker colours

    How to repair

Timber trims – fading paint

  • Weathering UV light exposure – darker colours are more prone to fading 

    How to repair

Timber trims – peeling or flaking paint

Timber trims – bubbling or blistering of paint

  • Loss of adhesion due to excess moisture in substrate

    How to repair

  • Poor initial substrate preparation

    How to repair

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Timber cladding trim – paint failure

  • Timber swelling/shrinkage caused by moisture absorption into timber end grain if joints were not adequately primed before installation

    How to repair

  • Coating is at end of serviceable life

    How to repair