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No gap/insufficient gap between solar panel and roofing

Solar water heater – leaking pipes

  • Joint failure of pipes due to UV degradation or frost damage 

    How to repair

Solar water heater – dirty panel covers

  • Air-borne salt, dust or dirt accumulating on covers

    How to repair

Solar water heater – water leaking from panel

Loose fixings on solar water heater

Water heating – water dripping from pressure relief valve drain vent pipe

  • Hot water cylinder temperature is set too high

    How to repair

  • Faulty pressure relief valve – it is not shutting off under working pressure

    How to repair

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Solar water heating – no hot water

Solar water heating – water not hot enough/inadequate supply

Solar water heating – high power bills

  • Temperature controller is activated each time the water temperature falls below the set temperature

    How to repair