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Solid fuel (wood) burner – build-up of smoke within fire box

Solid fuel (wood) burner (closed firebox) – corroded flue

  • Corrosive gases from the combustion process such as burning driftwood or treated timber

    How to repair

Solid fuel (wood) burner (closed firebox) – dirty flue

  • Build-up of soot/combustion deposits on the inside of the flue – the deposits will build up more quickly where the stove burns slowly for long periods of time during operation, that is, when the damper is closed

    How to repair

Solid fuel burner – water stains on ceiling around top of flue

  • The roof is leaking around the flue penetration 

    How to repair

Solid fuel burner – stove leaks smoke around door

Solid fuel (wood) burner (closed firebox) – flue is not gastight

  • Joints have opened in flue due to expansion and contraction

    How to repair

Solid fuel burner – deterioration of metal firebox

Solid fuel burner – crumbling fire bricks inside firebox

Solid fuel burner – door glass is cracked