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Subfloor – no insulation

  • Insulation was not a requirement when the house was built; insulation was required but never installed; the insulation has fallen out; the insulation has been blown out by wind

    How to repair

Subfloor services – loose wiring

Wiring passing through polystyrene subfloor insulation

  • Incorrect installation – over long periods, polystyrene can damage electrical cabling

    How to repair

Roof space – wiring damaged or loose

Spike in electricity bills

Appliance suddenly stops working

  • Power cut

    How to repair

  • Circuit or main fuse has blown as a result of overloading – too many appliances were operating for the capacity of the circuit

    How to repair

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Electric oven not working

No power to one or several outlets

Noise or smoke from switchboard, socket or light switch

Circuit breaker will not trip or is difficult to trip when tested

  • The trip mechanism has seized due to a build up of dust/dirt/corrosion

    How to repair

  • The trip mechanism is worn or faulty

    How to repair

No power

Damaged socket outlet