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Rust stains on inside of foundation walls

  • Poor quality concrete absorbing water which rusts the reinforcing, which in turns causes concrete to spall or crack allowing in more water 

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  • Reinforcing installed too close to the outer surface of the concrete

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Subfloor – no insulation

  • Insulation was not a requirement when the house was built; insulation was required but never installed; the insulation has fallen out; the insulation has been blown out by wind

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Subfloor – poorly installed insulation

  • Insulation was incorrectly installed, with gaps and spaces, or has been damaged by tradespeople

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  • Wind damage

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Subfloor – reflective foil only installed

  • Reflective foil was commonly used when the house was built; the foil has become dirty and tarnished which reduces its effectiveness

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  • Foil is damaged (usually by wind); there is no still air space between foil and floor – air blowing through the gap makes insulation ineffective

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Pole foundations – pole damage/deterioration

Pole foundations – bearer and/or joist damage/deterioration

Pole foundations – rusted fixings

Pole foundations – loose bolt fixings

  • Timber has shrunk since the bolts were installed; the bolts were not tightened when they were installed

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Pole foundations – vibration of building in windy conditions

Pole foundations – subfloor insulation damage

  • The insulation was incorrectly installed; there are gaps between the insulation and subfloor framing 

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  • There was no sheet lining under the insulation, and it has been damaged or blown out by wind or has been damaged by tradespeople

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Pole foundations – water damage to underside of flooring

Structural steel – rusted beams and/or columns and/or fixings