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Piles undermined

Rust stains on inside of foundation walls

  • Poor quality concrete absorbing water which rusts the reinforcing, which in turns causes concrete to spall or crack allowing in more water 

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  • Reinforcing installed too close to the outer surface of the concrete

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Moisture entry through retaining foundation walls

  • Ground moisture has moved through a retaining wall as it is unlikely the wall will have been waterproofed, and there is: no perforated drainage pipe at the base of the wall for ground water removal no drainage gravel above the drain, resulting in the drainage pipe becoming blocked with silt no filter fabric between drainage gravel and the drain, resulting in the drainage pipe becoming blocked with silt the drainage behind the wall has stopped working due to the pipe being blocked or the drainage gravel becoming filled with fine soil material

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Moisture entry through basement walls

  • Ground moisture, seen as efflorescence, staining or coating/surface damage on the inside face of a basement wall, moves through the wall because of: failure of (or missing) damp-proof membrane on the outside wall no perforated drainage pipe for removing groundwater at the outside base of the wall no drainage gravel or filter fabric above the pipe, resulting in silt blocking the pipe

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Concrete/concrete block – stains

Concrete/concrete block – flaking paint