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Rotten timber piles

Crumbling concrete piles

Piles sitting on the ground

  • Previous building work is inadequate or very old 

    How to repair

Brick piers with missing bricks, mortar

No lateral support (bracing) to piles

  • Bracing was not installed (even if a house has been repiled) – typical in older houses

    How to repair

  • Earthquake damage to existing bracing 

    How to repair

Piled foundations – gap between pile and bearer

Piled foundations – loose bolt fixings

  • Timber shrinkage has occurred since the bolts were installed or the bolts were not tightened originally

    How to repair

Bearer and/or joist damage/deterioration

Borer in bearers/joists/bottom plates

Pole foundations – vibration of building in windy conditions

Structural steel – rusted beams and/or columns and/or fixings

Gate sagging