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Tiled benches – cracked tiles

Tiled benches – cracked or deteriorating grout

Terrazzo or stone benchtops – cracked, damaged

Terrazzo, stone, acrylic benchtops – stained, chipped, scratched

Stainless steel benchtops – dented, scratched

Cupboards and benchtops – lifting laminate finishes

  • Poor initial adhesion or loss of adhesion

    How to repair

  • Hot appliances/pots/electric frypans placed on the surface

    How to repair

Laminated cupboards and benchtops – splits in curved laminate

Laminated cupboards and benchtops – surface damage (cuts, scratches, chips)

  • Not using cutting boards, accidental damage, or moisture

    How to repair

Laminated cupboards and benchtops – bulges forming in laminate (especially around the edges)

  • Moisture from a sink, plumbing leak, steam or condensation being absorbed by the substrate, causing it to swell and deform the laminate

    How to repair

  • Hot items placed on or over laminate surface

    How to repair