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Timber slat decks – split/damaged/rotten decking

Timber slat decks – rot to deck joists/bearers

Timber deck posts – rot at base

Deck balusters/posts, balustrades and barriers – insecure when pressure is applied

Timber windows – rotted sash

Timber windows – rotted sill

  • Water sits on the sill if the slope is not sufficient to shed it 

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  • Water is getting into the sill/jamb junction 

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Subfloor – musty smells

Subfloor – timber decay

  • Damp subfloor space, lack of ventilation

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  • Leaking water or waste pipe; overflowing or leaking from wet area fixtures such as bath, shower, handbasin, dishwasher, clothes washer, hot water cylinder

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Rotten timber piles

Loose wedges between pile and bearer

Timber shingles/shakes – rotten shingles

  • Roof remains continuously damp due to insufficient cleaning or accumulation of debris such as leaves from overhanging branches 

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  • Roof at the end of its serviceable life

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Bearer and/or joist damage/deterioration