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Open balustrade – fixings through a waterproofing membrane

Glass balustrade – cracked

Timber or steel window – cracked or loose putty

  • Putty is not protected by paint and has dried out

    How to repair

  • The glazing rebate was not primed before the glass was installed

    How to repair

Roof flashing leaks

Steel gutters – joint failure

PVC gutters – joint failure

Shower wet wall lining deterioration (typically along bottom edge)

Glass block cracking in mortar joints

  • There is insufficient allowance for structural movement around the glass block panel

    How to repair

  • Wall has inadequate strengthening to withstand the imposed structural loading 

    How to repair

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Tiles – cracking

Tiling around showers, baths – sign of water leaks

Windows – leaking at corner mitres

  • Sealant failure around the joint

    How to repair

  • Thermal expansion and contraction - more likely to occur with darker-coloured aluminium frames

    How to repair

Tiles cracked