Plasterboard – dent or puncture


Impact damage


Impact damage


  • for small indentations, fill with a gypsum plaster stopping compound, sand and re-paint or re-wallpaper; if the indentation is a result of door handle impact, fit a doorstop behind the door opening
  • medium-sized holes, up to approximately 125 mm across may be repaired by the following process:
    • square the opening around the hole
    • shape two small blocks, each longer than the hole that has been created, from a plasterboard offcut or piece of MDF
    • slide the blocks through the hole and glue behind the plasterboard lining using a cornice adhesive
    • use plasterboard basecoat to cover the patch, filling the hole to approximately half the depth; when the basecoat has set, apply a second coat to finish flush with surrounding wall
    • finish with a top skim coat; sand and re-paint or re-wallpaper
  • large holes or severely damaged surfaces cannot be satisfactorily repaired with a filler; remove the damaged section and insert a new section of plasterboard; stop, sand and re-paint or re-wallpaper