Swimming pool leaks


Cracks in concrete pool/fibreglass-lined pools


  • with brand-name fibreglass pools, contact the pool company for advice. Many are able to make repairs with fibreglass and gelcoat. Depending on the age and condition of the pool, resurfacing with fibreglass may be an option

  • concrete pools can be repaired/replastered/repainted, or repaired and then relined with fiberglass or with a vinyl liner

  • repairs are best done by an experienced professional


Puncture or tear in vinyl pool lining


  • contact the pool manufacturer – many sell repair kits for small areas of damage. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for repair

  • repairs to small holes or tears in the liner below the water line may not require the pool to be drained. Kits to make small repairs include patches and an adhesive that can be applied underwater

  • pool service companies can repair larger tears or punctures in vinyl linings

  • manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl pool liners quote life expectancies of 5–25 years, depending on the quality of the liner and installation and levels of usage, care and maintenance. Liners at the end of their serviceable life should be replaced. Look for a company that specialises in this work or has considerable experience