Waste outlets not draining properly

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Build-up of soap, hair, grease in waste trap causing blockage


  • with a plunger, use a pumping action of 10 or more short bursts to try to break up the blockage. Some plumbers recommend using very hot water and detergent in conjunction with the plunger. (For very light blockages you could try hot water and detergent first, before using the plunger)

  • if this does not work, try a proprietary drain cleaner. These come in solid and liquid formulations. Follow the instructions carefully and wear gloves, a mask and eye protection

  • an auger may work on more stubborn blockages. Available from many hardware stores, these tools have a crank handle and a flexible cable that is sent down to reach the blockage. The blockage may be dislodged or may be hooked and brought back up

  • if these actions do not work, call a licensed or certifying plumber. Work on waste pipes and drains must by law be carried out by a licensed or certifying plumber. You can check a plumber’s licence here