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Aluminium joinery – pitting

  • Exposure to air-borne salt, dust or dirt 

    How to repair

  • Run-off from cement plaster/grout, CCA-treated timber, copper or lead

    How to repair

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Chalking of powder-coated finish on aluminium frames

Aluminium and PVC windows – loose or missing glazing seals

Sliding doors won't fully open

  • There is an obstruction preventing them from opening 

    How to repair

  • For older units, there is wear on the rollers or track 

    How to repair

Steel windows – rusted frames

Steel windows – paint failure: peeling/flaking

  • Corrosion caused by moisture getting under the paint 

    How to repair

Leadlight glazing: buckled/cracked/loose panes

  • Old lead that has softened or weakened; impact damage

    How to repair

Roof leaks (visible as wet framing or water path stains)

Roof space – water pipes leaking

Pressed metal ceiling panels have corroded

Windows – opening sashes don't open freely