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Stains on window and door glass

Roof leaks (visible as wet framing or water path stains)

Ceiling – water staining

Timber board or plywood ceilings – black staining of timber

Wall linings – water staining

  • Leaking roof, wall or window/wall intersection, or leaking parapet or balcony

    How to repair

  • Leaking pipe in the wall due to corrosion or a nail puncturing the pipe

    How to repair

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Timber boarding, veneered MDF or plywood – black staining

Concrete/concrete block – stains

Glass block stains

  • Alkaline run-off from cement mortar such as an external wall or where the glass block wall is part of a shower

    How to repair

Terrazzo, stone, acrylic benchtops – stained, chipped, scratched