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Cracked or broken glass in timber frames

  • Impact damage: children’s games, stones from a lawnmower, door or windows slammed shut

    How to repair

  • Imperfections in the glass, or door or window has twisted when opened

    How to repair

Chalking of powder-coated finish on aluminium frames

Aluminium and PVC windows – loose or missing glazing seals

Timber windows – rotted sill

  • Water sits on the sill if the slope is not sufficient to shed it 

    How to repair

  • Water is getting into the sill/jamb junction 

    How to repair

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Door is difficult to lock or unlock

Door is difficult to open or close

Steel windows – rusted frames

Scratched or damaged glass

Moisture in sealed insulating glass units

  • Edge seal damage or failure due to UV light, moisture in window frame, wind deflection 

    How to repair

  • Damage caused during installation; manufacturing defect

    How to repair

Window/door hardware – corroded/deteriorated finish

Window/door hardware is loose

Roof leaks (visible as wet framing or water path stains)