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Cracked or broken glass in timber frames

  • Impact damage: children’s games, stones from a lawnmower, door or windows slammed shut

    How to repair

  • Imperfections in the glass, or door or window has twisted when opened

    How to repair

Aluminium joinery – pitting

  • Exposure to air-borne salt, dust or dirt 

    How to repair

  • Run-off from cement plaster/grout, CCA-treated timber, copper or lead

    How to repair

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Chalking of powder-coated finish on aluminium frames

Aluminium and PVC windows – loose or missing glazing seals

Timber windows – rotted sash

Timber windows – joints opening in sashes

  • The sash has racked (twisted), or there has been thermal expansion/contraction of the timber

    How to repair

  • There has been moisture absorption into the timber end grain if the joints were inadequately primed before installation

    How to repair

Stains on window and door glass

Scratched or damaged glass

Glass loses clarity

Air bubble in glass (typically laminated glass)

  • Glass edge not correctly treated when the glass was cut/installed

    How to repair

Moisture in sealed insulating glass units

  • Edge seal damage or failure due to UV light, moisture in window frame, wind deflection 

    How to repair

  • Damage caused during installation; manufacturing defect

    How to repair