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Fibre-cement cladding – paint failure at base of walls

Texture-coated fibre-cement cladding – paint failure at base of walls

  • Cladding covered by soil/foliage

    How to repair

  • The cladding is too close to the ground, not sealed and absorbing moisture

    How to repair

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Chalking paint on asbestos-cement cladding

  • Weathering, UV light exposure – chalking will be more visible with darker colours

    How to repair

Fading paint on asbestos-cement cladding

  • Weathering/UV light exposure – darker colours are more prone to fading

    How to repair

Deck balusters/posts, balustrades and barriers – insecure when pressure is applied

Downpipe not discharging into stormwater drain

Leaking through stucco

Leaking through texture-coated fibre-cement cladding

EIFS – water entry and deterioration of parapet