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Gate sagging

Crib wall misalignment

Timber posts/handrails/balusters are rotten

Steps slippery/worn

Timber stair treads flex when stairs used

Timber stairs rotting

Uneven weathering of stained timber weatherboards

  • Weatherboards having different levels of exposure to weather – for example, protection from eaves or verandah roof 

    How to repair

  • Stain has little or no pigments 

    How to repair

Resin appearing on surface of timber weatherboards

  • Preservative treatment solvents causing resin bleeding in the timber, particularly pinus radiata timber where the treatment is light organic solvent preservative-treated (LOSP) 

    How to repair

  • Changes of temperature of timber, particularly where darker-coloured paint finishes have been used

    How to repair

Timber cladding trim – paint failure

  • Timber swelling/shrinkage caused by moisture absorption into timber end grain if joints were not adequately primed before installation

    How to repair

  • Coating is at end of serviceable life

    How to repair

Fence posts cracked/damaged

Texture-coated fibre-cement – horizontal cracking

Texture-coated fibre-cement – vertical cracking at sheet joints