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Erosion of penetrating clear/stain finish on timber weatherboards

Staining from run-off from cedar or H3.2 treated pine weatherboards

  • Leachate from cedar weatherboards or treatment chemicals 

    How to repair

Leaking through stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards

Splits or cracks in stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards

Stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards too close to ground

Staining around nail holes in timber weatherboards

  • Rust staining from mild steel or hot-dip galvanised nails 

    How to repair

  • Staining from hot-dip galvanised, copper or aluminium nails in cedar (typically a teardrop-shaped stain)

    How to repair

Rot in stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards

  • Coating failure

    How to repair

  • Timber is or has been continuously damp

    How to repair

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Rot at base of stained or clear-finished timber weatherboard walls

Timber trims – splitting or cupping

Timber trims – rotting battens or cover boards

Timber trims – chalking paint

  • Weathering, UV light exposure – chalking will be more visible with darker colours

    How to repair

Timber trims – fading paint

  • Weathering UV light exposure – darker colours are more prone to fading 

    How to repair