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Timber trims – peeling or flaking paint

Timber trims – bubbling or blistering of paint

  • Loss of adhesion due to excess moisture in substrate

    How to repair

  • Poor initial substrate preparation

    How to repair

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Texture-coated fibre-cement – vertical cracking at sheet joints

Texture-coated fibre-cement – horizontal cracking

Hairline cracking in EIFS

Timber slat decks – moss/mould/lichen growing on decking

Timber slat decks – decking slippery when wet

Timber slat decks – split/damaged/rotten decking

Timber slat decks – rot to deck joists/bearers

Timber slat decks – deterioration of decking/cladding

Timber slat decks – water leaking into house

  • Water is tracking along the bolts used to fix the deck to the wall cladding/framing

    How to repair

  • The decking/framing is hard against wall cladding

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Timber slat decks – rusty connectors/fixings/support brackets

  • Exposure to air-borne salt, dust or dirt; trapped moisture and dirt

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