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Black staining on stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards

  • Mould growth on timber surface; occurs most commonly on south-facing walls

    How to repair

Staining from run-off from cedar or H3.2 treated pine weatherboards

  • Leachate from cedar weatherboards or treatment chemicals 

    How to repair

Staining around nail holes in timber weatherboards

  • Rust staining from mild steel or hot-dip galvanised nails 

    How to repair

  • Staining from hot-dip galvanised, copper or aluminium nails in cedar (typically a teardrop-shaped stain)

    How to repair

Timber board or plywood ceilings – black staining of timber

Timber boarding, veneered MDF or plywood – black staining

Timber shingles/shakes – stained shingles

Staining from cedar shingles

Log construction – staining of logs