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Timber shingles/shakes – splits in the timber

Timber shingles/shakes – rotten shingles

  • Roof remains continuously damp due to insufficient cleaning or accumulation of debris such as leaves from overhanging branches 

    How to repair

  • Roof at the end of its serviceable life

    How to repair

Timber shingles/shakes – warped shingles

Timber shingles/shakes – moss and lichen

Timber shingles/shakes – stained shingles

Staining from cedar shingles

Timber shingles/shakes – variable roof colour

  • Some areas of the roof have greater exposure to weathering than other areas

    How to repair

Resin appearing on surface of timber weatherboards

  • Preservative treatment solvents causing resin bleeding in the timber, particularly pinus radiata timber where the treatment is light organic solvent preservative-treated (LOSP) 

    How to repair

  • Changes of temperature of timber, particularly where darker-coloured paint finishes have been used

    How to repair