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Pole foundations – water damage to underside of flooring

Ceiling joists sagging

Timber board or plywood ceilings – black staining of timber

Wall framing location is visible

  • Condensation forming on the areas between the framing because the wall is not insulated – mould growth is the result of regular condensation

    How to repair

  • Mould is forming on the framing locations because a thermal bridge (framing has lower thermal performance than the insulated part of the wall)

    How to repair

Timber boarding, veneered MDF or plywood – black staining

Pole foundations – underside of flooring visible

  • Damage to or missing subfloor insulation, or no subfloor insulation was installed originally 

    How to repair

Timber floorboards joints opening

  • Flooring has shrunk because: the timber was wet at installation the flooring is subject to high heat such as from sunlight through north-facing windows or a central heating system that maintains a high indoor temperature and low internal moisture level the timber has become drier after floor insulation has been installed central heating has been recently installed the floor has been finished with polyurethane which glues the boards together, and shrinkage when it occurs create wider gaps at every third or fourth board  

    How to repair