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Internal gutters – overflows in heavy rain or strong wind

Internal gutters – leaks

Steel internal gutters – corrosion (rusting)

  • Water doesn't drain away

    How to repair

  • Leaves or other debris retain moisture and prevent water from draining away

    How to repair

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Membrane internal gutters – lifting seams

Crumbling mortar in masonry chimneys

  • Moisture getting into the mortar

    How to repair

  • Mortar quality is poor – most commonly found in pre-1930s buildings

    How to repair

Plaster finish cracking on masonry chimneys

Insecure chimney pot

  • Mortar deterioration between chimney and chimney pot

    How to repair

Corroded metal flashings on shingle roof

  • Acidic leachate from cedar or H4-treated timber shingles (containing copper-based preservatives)

    How to repair

  • Air-borne salt, dust or dirt accumulating on or under the flashing

    How to repair