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Chimney or flue flashing has lifted

TV aerial is insecure

Loose cable on TV aerial or satellite dish

  • Wind movement on cables that are not adequately fixed

    How to repair

Loose fixings on solar water heater

Vent pipe loose

Roof space – no insulation

  • Insulation was not a requirement when the house was built (or has never been installed)

    How to repair

  • Loose-fill insulation has been shifted by wind or activity by house occupants or tradespeople, or insulation has been removed when work done on the house

    How to repair

Roof space – insulation is touching the flexible roof underlay

  • This is likely to occur at the edges of the roof, particularly with low pitched roofs, where roof framing does not have enough depth to provide space for the insulation

    How to repair

  • The insulation has become displaced due to air movement/wind in the roof space/activity by occupants or tradespeople – typically occurs with loose-fill, blown-in insulation

    How to repair

Concrete or clay tiles broken or cracked

Concrete or clay tiles are loose

Concrete or clay tiles – dislodged or missing