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Profiled metal roofing buckling or twisting

  • Inadequate allowance for thermal movement at fixings – this occurs more commonly with dark coloured and aluminium roofs

    How to repair

Profiled metal roofing tearing at fixing points

  • The use of rivets instead of screws does not allow thermal movement to occur

    How to repair

  • Fixing holes are too small to allow sufficient thermal movement

    How to repair

Profiled metal roofing – lead-head nails damaged or missing

  • The lead heads were damaged during roofing installation

    How to repair

  • Nails have worked loose over time as a result of movement in the roof

    How to repair

Metal tile roofs – tile edge lifting

Insecure flue

Chimney or flue flashing has lifted

Leak around fixings of TV aerials and satellite dishes

  • Sealing washers to fixings were left out at installation 

    How to repair

Corroded TV aerial fixings/stays

  • Air-borne salt, dust or dirt accumulating on fixings or stays

    How to repair

TV aerial is insecure

Loose cable on TV aerial or satellite dish

  • Wind movement on cables that are not adequately fixed

    How to repair