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Galvanised steel profiled metal roofing – red rust

  • Erosion or scratching damage of the galvanising, exposing the steel

    How to repair

  • Roofing is in contact with, or has run-off from, cedar or redwood, or timber treated with a copper-based preservative treatment 

    How to repair

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Galvanised steel roofing – corrosion at roofing sheet ends

  • The underside (back surface) of the edges of sheets have not been primed and do not get cleaned

    How to repair

  • There is a moist corrosive environment, as water likely to remain in the gutter  

    How to repair

Metal tile roofs – loss of stone chips

Roof leaks (visible as wet framing or water path stains)

Metal tile roofs – moss and lichen growth

Concrete or clay tiles broken or cracked

Concrete or clay tiles – broken mortar under tiles

Timber shingles/shakes – splits in the timber

Asphalt shingles missing

Slate roofing – moss or lichen

Fibre-cement shingles – cracked or damaged

Translucent sheet roofing – loss of transparency