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Corrosion of roofing downstream from copper vent

  • Dissimilar metal corrosion due to water flowing from copper vent onto an incompatible roofing metal 

    How to repair

  • Vent pipe not PVC sleeved

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Zinc roofing – white surface corrosion

  • Lack or rainwashing. Rain washing tends to be less effective on roofs with less than 15 degrees slope

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  • The roofing material is in contact with, or has run-off from, cedar or redwood, or timber treated with a copper-based preservative treatment 

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Zinc roofing – buckling

  • Thermal movement in the roofing is not being accommodated by the fixing system 

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Zinc roofing – bent seams or joints

Zinc roofing – dents/impact damage

Zinc roofing – uneven colour

  • Some parts of the roof area are more exposed to the weather or rainwashing, which slows the development of the traditional zinc oxide on the surface 

    How to repair

Zinc roofing – holes