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Damp or wet ground

Wet ground around septic tank/aerated water treatment system

Soil cracks at the top of bank or wall

  • Tilting of retaining wall, pressure from soil or build up of water behind retaining wall due to blocked or no drainage

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  • Ground drying out, particularly with clay soils

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Ground slumping – gradual process

  • The surrounding area, especially peat soils, is being drained

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  • Land that has been filled is settling

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Ground slumping – sudden

  • Landslip or retaining wall failure as a result of rain earthquake burst stormwater drain behind wall no drainage to remove ground water earthworks on adjacent property rot in a timber retaining wall

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Soil cracking

Fence not vertical

Masonry wall cracking

Fence posts cracked/damaged

Fence rails warped/twisted

Fence rails sagging