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Rot at base of timber weatherboard walls

Timber weatherboards too close to or in ground contact

Leaking through timber weatherboard cladding

Split or cracked timber weatherboards

Missing timber weatherboard(s)

Cupping of stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards

  • Thermal expansion and contraction of timber

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  • Swelling/shrinkage due to moisture absorption 

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Black staining on stained or clear-finished timber weatherboards

  • Mould growth on timber surface; occurs most commonly on south-facing walls

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Uneven weathering of clear-finished timber weatherboards

  • Weatherboards having different levels of exposure to weather – for example, protection from eaves or verandah roof 

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  • Stain or clear finish has little or no pigments 

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Deterioration of weatherboard surface under clear or stain finish

  • UV light deterioration

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  • Cracking of the clear finish resulting in: moisture penetration and timber swelling mould growth loss of adhesion and flaking or peeling of finish 

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Cracking/flaking of film on stained or clear-finished weatherboards