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Ceiling joists sagging

No roof underlay

  • It was common in older houses with metal roofs and houses with tiled roofs for the roofing to be installed without underlay

    How to repair

Roof underlay sagging

Concrete or clay tiles are loose

Concrete or clay tiles – dislodged or missing

Concrete or clay tiles – broken mortar under tiles

Concrete or clay tiles – moss and lichen

  • Insufficient cleaning, or roof remains damp due to overhanging branches

    How to repair

Concrete or clay tiles – roof sagging

Loss of gloss to concrete tiles

  • Weathering of the polymer film applied to the tiles during manufacture

    How to repair

Efflorescence on concrete tiles

  • Natural salts within the tiles migrate to the surface leaving a whitish-grey residue

    How to repair

Concrete tiles – fading