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Fibre-cement cladding – sealant cracking or degradation

Stucco – sealant cracking at movement control joint

Leaking through stucco

EIFS – sealant cracking/degradation at movement control joint

EIFS – leaking through cladding

Concrete/concrete block – stains

Glass block cracking in mortar joints

  • There is insufficient allowance for structural movement around the glass block panel

    How to repair

  • Wall has inadequate strengthening to withstand the imposed structural loading 

    How to repair

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Wallpaper – roll edges lifting

Concrete blockwork – leaking through cladding

Polystyrene block – sealant failure in panel joints

Log construction – caulk failure in log joints

  • UV deterioration, or caulk at end of its serviceable life

    How to repair