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House is draughty

Timber floorboards, particleboard or plywood springy

Timber floorboards, particleboard or plywood squeaking

Timber floorboards – borer

Timber floorboards joints opening

  • Flooring has shrunk because: the timber was wet at installation the flooring is subject to high heat such as from sunlight through north-facing windows or a central heating system that maintains a high indoor temperature and low internal moisture level the timber has become drier after floor insulation has been installed central heating has been recently installed the floor has been finished with polyurethane which glues the boards together, and shrinkage when it occurs create wider gaps at every third or fourth board  

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Timber floorboards cupping

  • Cupping occurs when boards are drier on one side than the other, resulting in uneven shrinkage/swelling. Cupping may be due to boards swelling if the moisture levels of internal or subfloor spaces are higher than the moisture content of the boards.

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Timber floorboards – tongues of T&G boards exposed

  • Too much sanding of cupped or damaged boards to remove cupping or damage 

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Timber floorboards, particleboard or plywood flooring rotten

  • High subfloor moisture levels 

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  • Cladding leak

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Timber, particleboard, plywood, cork floors – clear finish worn