Bath – porcelain on steel – chipped


Impact damage


Impact damage


  • the chip may be able to be re-surfaced to make the damage less visible. DIY options from plumbing supply stores or hardware stores include enamel paint kits specifically made for bath resurfacing and epoxy resin kits

  • there are also specialist bath re-surfacing companies around the country. Some resurface the bath in situ using a spray enamel coating. Others take the bath off site to their own factory to carry out the work. (Neither of these use the same process as that used to apply the original surface on the bath.) Look for a company that has a long track record and offers written guarantees for their work

  • if the chipping is unacceptable, replace the bath. Work on any pipework, fittings or appliances that are connected to a sanitary fixture (which includes a bath) is restricted work and must be carried out by a licensed or certifying plumber. Homeowners cannot work on water supply pipes or wastewater pipes themselves