Dripping or leaking tap


Washer needs replacing


  • dripping taps should be fixed without delay. A slow-dripping tap can lose 3 litres per day and a fast-dripping tap can waste more than 70 litres per day
  • older styles of tap use a rubber washer that can wear out and require replacement
  • temporarily turn off the water supply using the toby at your property boundary. The toby is usually protected by a metal or blue or black plastic cover. Newer models can be turned on or off by hand, but a few older models use a metal handle
  • if you are working on a hot tap, turn off the water from the cylinder
  • at the tap, remove the Hot or Cold indicator (see drawing) and then undo the screw and lift off the top of the tap
  • unscrew the shield to expose the tap
  • use a spanner to remove the nut/spindle assembly
  • use a spanner to remove the nut holding the washer in place. Replace the washer
  • replace the retaining nut then reassemble the tap. Wrapping some thread tape around the unit before reassembly can reduce the risk of future leaks in old taps
  • turn on the water again
  • more complex lever and ceramic taps and shower mixers are likely to require a licensed plumber to repair