Fading paint on asbestos-cement cladding


Weathering/UV light exposure – darker colours are more prone to fading


  • if you are not sure whether a fibre-cement cladding contains asbestos, you can get a small piece (about the size of a $2 coin) tested at one of the labs listed on our asbestos page
  • if the problem is limited to the paint (the cladding itself is intact and asbestos fibres are not being shed), wash down the cladding thoroughly but gently. Do not sand, do not use a water blaster, do not do anything to the cladding that may result in asbestos fibres being released into the air
  • when the cladding surface is clean and dry, repaint with a minimum 2 coats of good quality acrylic paint. Choose lighter colours to reduce the risk of future problems
  • breathing in asbestos fibres can lead to serious and potentially fatal illnesses. Work with materials that contain asbestos is very strictly controlled. You can find more details at the WorkSafe website.