Metal tile roofs – loss of stone chips


Breakdown of the stone chip binding to the metal surface


  • if the roofing is reasonably new and/or within the warranty period, contact the installer or supplier

  • if the roofing is outside the warranty period, have the roof re-coated by a specialist applicator. Look for an applicator with a good track record and someone who offers written guarantees for their work

  • modern chip roof tiles are typically a steel base with an aluminium/zinc alloy coating for long-term corrosion resistance, an acrylic coating on top of that, natural stone, ceramic or acrylic chips and then a further acrylic coating

  • it is possible that some very old roof tiles may still be found. Tiles manufactured before the 1980s used bitumen or mastic to adhere the stone chips to the metal surface. Some of these tiles contained asbestos. As with many materials containing asbestos, if they are in good condition they present little risk. If the chip surface is damaged and asbestos fibres become airborne then they present a health risk. If you believe your tile roof may have been manufactured or installed before the 1980s, seek expert advice. There is more information about asbestos here


Careless walking on the roof 


  • find out why people have been walking on the roof and determine how to avoid this situation recurring. If people have been on the roof to carry out minor pruning on an overhanging tree, for example, perhaps the branches need to be cut back further so that access from the roof is no longer necessary

  • where there is no alternative to walking on the roof, wear soft soled shoes and try to walk only on the part of the tiles supported by timber battens (the front edge)

  • other repairs as for the first cause above