Swimming pool – drains overflowing


Blocked drains


  • firstly, check that swimming pool and spa pool water is discharged to wastewater drains and not to stormwater drains. Pool water typically contains chemicals such as chlorine to kill algae and bacteria and should not enter the stormwater system

  • it is acceptable for overflow pool water to be discharged to an appropriate area of land to soak away, ensuring it does not enter natural watercourses or neighbouring properties

  • remove any visible leaves, rubbish or other debris blocking a wastewater drain or gully trap. Try to pull any blockage up – avoid pushing it further down the drain

  • if these actions do not work and the drain remains blocked, call a licensed or certifying plumber or drainlayer. Work on waste pipes and drains must by law be carried out by a licensed or certifying plumber or drainlayer. You can check a plumber’s licence here