Maintenance Guides

Regularly maintaining your home optimises its value, extends the life of the building materials, enhances appearance, and allows early identification and fixing of minor issues before they become large problems.

Maintenance Schedule

The BRANZ maintenance schedule sets out what to check for, the primary maintenance tasks and frequency.

Building Controls

All new construction work must meet the requirements of the Building Act 2004.


Earthquakes occur frequently in New Zealand.

Employing Others and Insurance

Employing other people to carry out maintenance can be a good solution, but you need...

Health and Safety

Home maintenance comes with some health and safety risks that you need to deal with.

Weathertight Guide

Some homes built in the 1990s and early 2000s had design features and installation techniques...

Painting Guide

Exterior paint that is in good condition doesn’t just make your home look good: it...

Building Periods

Houses built in different styles at different times have some different maintenance needs.

Exterior Wall Maintenance Guide

Some house styles and wall claddings require less maintenance than others, but there is no...

Plant and Appliance Maintenance Guide

Maintenance of plant and appliances has clear benefits:

Roof Maintenance Guide

Common roof maintenance needs includes checking claddings, flashings, fixings, gutters, chimneys, flues, and roof-mounted equipment. 

Subfloor Maintenance Guide

Around 1.2 million New Zealand houses have suspended timber ground floors.

Stain Removal Guide

With the right treatment, the impact of many stains can be reduced if not removed...