• 1 1970

Typical features of the 1970s house include:

  • gabled roof – typically with a 15o roof slope
  • a wide variety of roofing and wall cladding materials
  • wider eaves
  • larger awning windows – aluminium-framed
  • patio or deck
  • a piled subfloor with concrete perimeter foundation wall, but concrete floor slabs also became more common
  • split level style, skillion roofs and open-plan living areas
  • some insulation when built – insulation was required from 1978
  • stud height was typically 2.4 metres
  • no mechanical ventilation provided in bathrooms or kitchens
  • plasterboard internal linings
  • particleboard or concrete flooring.


Regular maintenance required on 1970s houses includes:

  • cleaning and checking the external cladding, and recoating if necessary. See the guide for external wall maintenance 
  • cleaning and checking the roof cladding, and recoating if necessary. See the guide for roof maintenance
  • ensuring gutters and downpipes are kept clear of leaves and other debris. If necessary, prune back any tree branches that grow over the house
  • where the there is a suspended timber floor, checking that the subfloor space is dry and well-ventilated. See the guide for subfloor maintenance.