Injuries caused by falls from ladders are common. Safety measures include:

  • place the ladder at the correct angle – 1.0 metre out from the wall for every 4.0 metres of height
  • place the ladder on a solid, level base
  • do not lean the ladder directly against glass or PVC spouting. Ladder support brackets are available that protect the spouting from ladder damage and limit sideways movement of the top of the ladder
  • reposition the ladder rather than stretching beyond an easy reach
  • ensure that 1.0 metre of the ladder is above the level you are intending to climb to
  • once erected, secure the top of the ladder
  • do not using the top of the ladder as a work platform.

For major maintenance work, free-standing scaffolding is a safer option. Free-standing scaffolding must be erected level on solid footings, braced, and if possible, tied to the structure. It must have handrails and toe boards and planks must be tied to the scaffold structure.

Scaffolding is available for hire and can be assembled on site by the scaffold hire company.

All scaffolds or temporary work platforms where a fall of five metres or more is possible must be erected by a person holding a relevant certificate of competency.