Restricted Building Work (RBW) is work that must be carried out or supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP). The aim of RBW is to ensure that buildings remain structurally sound and weathertight. It applies to work that requires a building consent and involves any of:

  • foundations and structure
  • external cladding (wall and roof)
  • fire safety systems for houses.

There is an exemption that allows homeowners to do RBW on their own homes, but they need to complete a statutory declaration at their local council, and the fact that they have done this work themselves will be noted on council records and be accessible by potential future buyers of the house.

Good information on RBW is available on the MBIE Building Performance website.

As the homeowner, before having work done on your home, it is your responsibility to check whether work is classified as Restricted Building Work and that the people employed to carry out the RBW are Licensed Building Practitioners.

You can search the online public register to find an LBP, check that a person is licensed and see if they have been disciplined in the last 3 years. You can also ask to see the photo licence card of a licensed practitioner.

Registered architects and chartered professional engineers are automatically treated as LBPs for design work.