The BRANZ maintenance schedule sets out what to check for, the primary maintenance tasks and frequency.

A regular maintenance checklist includes checking the condition of certain building elements every year (or more frequently in seaspray or geothermal environments).

These include:

  • roofs and spouting
  • walls – including doors and windows
  • decks and balconies – particularly roof decks and deck/wall or balcony/wall connections
  • foundations and subfloor spaces
  • services – including plumbing and drainage, electrical, hot water services, heating systems, septic tank and aerated water treatment systems
  • interior - in particular within roof spaces and attics, and around wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries
  • outdoor areas.

Many building elements have a limited serviceable life and part of the inspection process is to identify those elements that are getting close to needing replacement.

See Maintenance Schedule Chart.