Identifying leaks

Leaks are difficult to identify and can go unnoticed until damage is severe – obtaining expert advice is recommended where a leak is suspected. Symptoms of a leak can include:

  • staining to external finishes
  • staining or water damage to internal wall finishes or carpets
  • high internal moisture levels
  • mould and mildew growth even when the house is well ventilated
  • swelling of skirtings or other trim
  • sagging ceiling linings
  • sagging or uneven floor surfaces
  • lifting of vinyl flooring
  • musty smells
  • corrosion of screws and nails.

If your home has at-risk design features and you have seen any of these signs of possible leaks, it may be a leaky building. Consider having the weathertightness of your home evaluated more fully by a New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) building surveyor or other specialist consultant who has had specific weathertightness training. If there is evidence of leaking, the building surveyor could also provide a range of repair options.